The first post

I’ve been toying with the idea of writing a blog for a while now, pondering different things like do I have the time for it, will I be embarrassed if people at work find out, will anyone actually read it (probably not) but hey, I thought screw it and here I am writing my first post.

Since an early age I’ve been fascinated with films. My favorite film is Ghostbusters by the way, hopefully the more discerning of you will have gathered this from the title of my blog. It actually took me a while to figure out what my favorite film was, as my top five was always changing. I still don’t have a top ten.

So for anyone who has got this far and wants to know a little more then I can tell you that this blog will center around my love of film, though I’m sure that was a given by this point. I won’t write news stories, though I may talk about them. I will write reviews about all sorts of films new and old, stuff I’ve watched at the cinema and stuff I may re-watch at home. And I will write about my experiences with films and hope that anyone who decides to read my blog regularly will interact and share their views and experiences.

This isn’t a business venture, this isn’t a job, It’s not some lame attempt to get into film journalism at a glossy magazine. It’s just my views and opinions of films and everything to do with them and I sincerely hope anyone who reads it enjoys it.


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