Disney extends plan to take over the world

Word has it that the Walt Disney company has purchased the rights to a small franchise by the name of Star Wars. Along with Star Wars, Walt Disney also has the rights to Pixar and Marvel as well as being the majority shareholder behind ESPN. Surely total world domination can’t be far off?

Disney have set themselves the task of filming a new trilogy, with the first of those films targeted for release in 2015. Personally I’ve always admired the Star Wars films for what they did for cinema and special effects but I’ve never had the same kind of affection for them that other people, maybe of a slightly younger generation than me, have done.

However I do believe this purchase is good news for Star Wars and its many fans. Disney has always treated its properties with love and respect and ensured the best people available are put in place to make a quality product.

Maybe they can persuade Harrison Ford to make a cameo and shoot Jar Jar fucking Binks right between the eyes, that personally would make up for the entire second trilogy to me!


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