A report recently came out regarding the postponement of filming on Ghostbusters 3 until the autumn of 2013. This comes as no surprise to me, I’ve been reading about a third Ghostbusters film being made then delayed then being made and delayed again ever since I can remember. I personally don’t think a third film will ever be made and if I’m honest I don’t really wish to see a third film. The original film is a classic, no question, the sequel is average and unfairly berated at times for following the formula of the first film too closely and thus feeling like a quick cash in.

A potential third film will apparently star a new group of Ghostbusters, with the original team being too old and having to train up a new group and thereby passing the torch and launching a potential new franchise. I’ve never cried about sequels to favorite films or claimed anything has ever “raped my childhood” like some fan boys have. However, despite Ghostbusters being my favorite film and of course the bestest film ever made ever, any talk of a third film has never interested me. Maybe it’s because deep down I don’t want my childhood raped, maybe it’s because I think if they were going to make one they would have done it by now, maybe it’s because Bill Murray wants no part of it or maybe it’s because we’ve already had one sequel which was average at best.

It’s probably a bit of all of those reasons actually, and of course because I’m so fickle I would probably still be first in line at the cinema if we ever did get a third film wearing my “who ya gonna call” t-shirt and listening to the soundtrack whilst I waited in line. If it was up to me though I would honestly prefer this little bit of my childhood left well alone.