Questions could have been answered

To some, Prometheus was a brilliant science fiction film with wonderful imagery & grand themes. To others, like me, it was a bitter disappointment marketed as something it was actually nothing like. The blu ray release said “questions will be answered”, they weren’t.

At first it was all set to be a straight prequel to the Alien films, then as it progressed and writers changed it turned into something else. Something that told the story of humanities beginning and where we as a race came from. This, for me, was a bad idea. I desperately wanted to see an Alien prequel. Face-huggers, xenomorphs, motion trackers are what it’s all about to me. However I do understand Ridley Scott and his desire to try to move in a new direction as he felt the things that were familiar about the Alien franchise had become redundant. I suppose after seeing AvP 1&2 he may have had a point.

Today however, an original draft appeared called Alien: Engineers. It features xenomorphs, face-huggers, a real evil character in David and not the semi-evil figure we actually get, it makes more sense, it has tighter plotting and possibly better scares. And this to me is a shame, a shame we never saw this version.

I’ve looked at a few sites that have covered this story and they seem to share the same belief that while this first draft isn’t perfect it sounds a hell of a lot better than what we actually got.

If you want it summed up nicely then read here;


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