The best moment in Robocop

A visit to the pub with friends usually results in a conversation about films, which then turns into a conversation using nothing but film quotes. This happened last night and the quotation conversation, as I like to call it, revolved around Robocop. It started with “bitches leave” which I’m pretty sure one young barmaid took offence to, and ended with “can you fly Bobby?”.

Every time I watch Robocop I enjoy it even more. The action is tight, the drama convincing and it’s also endlessly quotable. With lines like; “Dead or alive, you’re coming with me”, “I’d buy that for a dollar!” and “You have 20 seconds to comply” it provides plenty of ammunition.

However my personal favourite moment comes early on in the film. Setting up Kurtwood Smiths villain Clarence Boddicker as an utter bad ass, he uses one of his own goons in order to try and get away from the pursuing police car containing officers Murphy & Lewis.

Can you fly Bobby?


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