The worst films of 2012

A while back I published a list of my favourite films of 2012  list  and now I think it’s only fair to write about my least favourite films of the year.

Total Recall, Len Wiseman.

Lacking any of the humor, violence or sheer 80’s cheese of the Schwarzenegger original, Len Wiseman’s re-make does nothing to make itself stand out from any other futuristic sci-fi actioner of recent times. While it isn’t an entirely awful film and has solid enough acting from its three leads, it’s still instantly forgettable and an utter waste of potential.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Timur Bekmambetov.

A real shame as I was quite looking forward to this film, I hadn’t read the book it was based on but I thought it may have been an enjoyable way to kill a few hours. Unfortunately I was wrong, so so wrong.

Haywire, Steven Soderbergh.

An attempt at art house style action that just didn’t work. A sterling cast aside it was 93 minutes too long and hopefully won’t be attempted again anytime soon.

Battleship, Peter Berg.

Billed as Transformers at sea, minus Optimus Prime, and minus any of the fun that can be associated with the Transformers films. Turning a toy franchise into a CGI action fest is one thing, turning an old school board game into something similar is just idiotic. If only cinemas offered refunds.

The Hunger Games, Gary Ross

With promising source material, likened to a Hollywood version of Battle Royale, the books are meant to be uncompromising and violent. However we got the PG-13 version to capitalize on all the young teenagers who had read the books and needed a fix now their Harry Potter/Twilight infatuation has ended. The Hollywood cash machine at its worst.

Lockout, James Mather & Stephen St. Leger

Average at best, with some quick one liners and Guy Pearce seemingly enjoying himself. It had B-movie action cinema written all over it.

Paranormal Activity 4, Henry Joost & Ariel Schulman.

Just an awful film. Lacking any scares, tension or jumps and becoming the low point in what was an otherwise enjoyable series of films.


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