Films to look out for: V/H/S

V/H/S is a collection of six short horror films all connected by the use of found footage video tapes. Having being released pretty much everywhere but the UK, V/H/S is due to be released over here on January 18th.

The story starts off with a small group entering an abandoned house directly in the middle of nowhere to acquire an old VHS tape, unbeknownst to them there is a lot more in store for them than grabbing an old tape. Once inside they come across a dead body in the living room, and in front of that several television sets and a heap full of old VHS tapes. In their search for the correct video tape, they come across a horrifying collection of stories which play out to the audience as well as the characters in the house.

This is, hopefully, where the fun will begin. Each short story is written & directed by someone different. Ranging from a ghost story, a zombie, a vampire and so on. Even though all these things are nothing new to horror fans, V/H/S will hopefully revitalize the found footage medium of horror story telling and provide some genuine scares along the way.



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