I was right, people will watch rubbish!

Original post: Just the other day I said Texas Chainsaw 3D would earn enough money to get itself a sequel, Four films for January, and lo and behold it did just that.

News hit the internet Wednesday saying a sequel has been given the green light and will be called Texas Chainsaw 4, which is very odd as it will be the eighth film in the franchise and the third film to follow continuity.

I’m not saying this is good news, I suppose really I may just be blowing my own trumpet a little. I’ll admit though, I probably shouldn’t have put it in my list of films to watch in January & in hindsight V/H/S would take its place, but the start of the year is always a barren period for films and I thought there may be a few thrills to be had here.

Reviewers have certainly tried their best to put people off going to see Texas Chainsaw 3D. With just a 21% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes, with the general consensus being this: “As an ugly and cynical attempt to rebrand Leatherface as horror anti-hero, Texas Chainsaw 3D is a bold move for the franchise.”

As usual though, money talks, and for a film that cost an estimated $8,000,000 to make and making over $22 million at the US box office alone a sequel was inevitable unfortunately.

Update: Another day, another story. Turns out sequel talk was slightly premature and no sequel has been given the go ahead yet. Apparently there is some behind the scenes squabbling between the many producers of Texas Chainsaw 3D. With the profits this film has already made though, a sequel is only a matter of time.

Links: Rotten Tomatoes, Texas Chainsaw 3D

Deadline confirms Texas Chainsaw 4


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