The Justice League are being held back, for now

The Justice League movie has been in some state of development for, roughly, the past two years now. Clearly wanting a piece of the pie thus far dominated by Marvel and their Avengers related properties, DC & Warner Brothers are planning to release Justice League in 2015. The same year the second Avengers film is due to be released.

However, Warner Brothers don’t seem to have a clear plan as to how to introduce their individual characters. Marvel did things slowly, releasing Iron Man first which featured a small cameo by Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury to tease the announcement and test fan reaction.

Warner Brothers seem to be rushing things slightly though, and news came out the other day that the Justice League will only see the light of day if this years Man Of Steel makes enough money for the studio. I suppose this is fair enough, Hollywood is a money game and they don’t want to risk their millions if they think the investment is not worth it.

To me though this feels slightly cowardly. Now far be it from me to tell anyone how to utilize their money, but Marvel took a risk on their properties and if DC don’t do the same then the only Justice League film we see will be the animated versions. All well and good, and some of the animated films are extremely good, but that’s not where the big money will be made.


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