Daily news roundup: February 6th 2013

A fairly decent news day has brought us a few interesting tidbits. From Paul Walker getting his head shaved, to Michael Keaton playing a slightly shifty race event mogul, to the news that no one expected in that we will see The Avengers back on our screens sooner than we all thought. Please, read on.

  • Paul Walker will star in a reboot of the Hitman franchise. The original Hitman film came out in 2007 & starred Timothy Olyphant as the titular main character. I’m not sure why this film is deemed worthy of a reboot or why Fox studios want to shave Paul Walker’s noggin but I suppose he needs something to do in between the Fast & The Furious films.
  • DreamWork’s answer to the Fast & The Furious franchise, Need For Speed, continues to add to its cast with the addition of the legend Michael Keaton. Keaton will be playing the man pulling all the strings behind the scenes in the country spanning car race.
  • More casting news, this time in the shape of Stacy Keach, who has landed himself a part in Sin City sequel, A Dame To Kill For. Keach will play crime boss “The Kraut” otherwise known as Herr Wallenquist.
  • The Amazing Spider-Man 2 began filming recently and has added a new plot synopsis  for anybody who wants to nit pick, and read between the lines to figure out exactly what’s going to happen in the film before anyone gets the chance to see it.
  • Finally, my favorite story of the day. The Avengers cast will reunite to present at this years Oscars ceremony. Anything with The Avengers in excites me, even the post credits scene where they are simply sitting round a table eating shawarma got me excited. Damn I’m so sad.

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