Daily news roundup: February 8th 2013

A fairly slow news day today. I think as the week winds down, that the money men in Hollywood take a well deserved break from counting all their money to go and blow it on hookers & blackjack.

Today’s news includes the Zombieland TV show adding to its cast, Night At The Museum 3 gets the green light and people look for potential spoilers in the shape of Iron Man 3 Lego. I did say it was a slow news day.

  • Zombieland is a particular favorite of mine & whilst I would prefer to see a straight up sequel, the news that we will get a tv show instead is still good news. By all accounts Zombieland was originally planned as a television show & not a feature film, so in a sense it’s returning to its spiritual home.
  • In news that will shock no one at all, Ben Stiller has signed on to star in Night At The Museum 3. Expect a quote from someone involved in this project to say “we always wanted to make a trilogy, it’ll be like our Star Wars”.
  • In the oddest news of the day Iron Man 3 Lego has leaked spoilers about the new film, apparently. Yes, Lego spoilers people! Some websites will do anything to get hits………

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