Daily news roundup: February 13th 2013

Sometimes it can be really hard to report on films, not because it’s a difficulty writing the correct words, it’s just that sometimes there really is very little to report on. Unless you just write about the constant rumors that are born and then spread like wildfire on the internet.

Anyway I will continue to post on the most noteworthy stories of the day.

  • Iron Man 3 released a new character poster which you can see here.
  • X-Men: Days Of Future Past director Bryan Singer, has revealed he will be filming the new X-Men film in 3D. Boo!
  • Jurassic Park is getting a 3D re-release and has given us this rather cool new poster to show off the fact.
  • The lovely Hayley Atwell will be making a flashback cameo in next years Captain America: Winter Soldier.
  • Tomorrow is Die Hard day for most people, I will be working and won’t get to see it until Saturday, I sincerely hope anyone that watches it enjoys it. If I lived in America though, I would definitely be doing this on Friday night.

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