A varied news day has brought us some interesting little tidbits today. Ranging from Star Wars (again), to Pacific Rim 2, Sin City and some rather sad news in the passing away of a true gentleman.

  • John Williams, composer of classic movies such as Superman, Indiana Jones and of course Star Wars has spoken of his interest in returning to score Star Wars Episode VII. Of course he’s interested in returning, why wouldn’t he be?! He’d be a fool not to want to make more money.
  • Some photo’s from the set of Sin City: A Dame To Kill For here. The photos feature Josh Brolin looking extremely moody and well, nothing much else really.
  • Total Film has a nice exclusive regarding Pacific Rim 2 and has some concept art for the first Pacific Rim, which will in cinemas this summer.
  • Iron Man 3 has released a new character poster, which I recommend you read about here.
  • Sad news here, regarding the death of Richard Briers. A man I will always remember for the constantly funny The Good Life. RIP Sir, you will be missed.