Daily news roundup: February 21st 2013

A wide variety of news today. Including updates on the future of the Bourne franchise, the Evil Dead marketing push rolls on, another set picture from the upcoming X-Men sequel and some bad news for fans of Danny Dyer, if he has any that is.

  • Chairman of Universal Pictures, Adam Fogelson, spoke about the desire to make a fifth entry in the Bourne franchise. As well as a possible sequel to Snow White & The Huntsman (awful film by the way) and the inevitable film adaptation of 50 Shades Of Grey, which could be in cinemas as early as next summer. That’s right kids, in among all the superheros & Pixar films we could have some full on R-rated bondage.
  • The Evil Dead remake has a delightful new poster you can see here.
  • Bryan Singer has posted another picture from the set of X-Men: Days Of Future Past and teased a possible showing of some footage at this years Comic-Con.
  • I never wish anyone any ill will but this is just bloody funny, Danny Dyer‘s latest film made an astonishingly lame £747 in its opening weekend at the UK box office. Maybe he will sod off back into obscurity now.

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