Weekend news roundup: 22nd-24th February 2013

I was otherwise engaged on Friday so couldn’t post my last news roundup of the week. So instead of simply leaving it till Monday I decided to do a write-up on everything that’s worthy of your attention this weekend.

Let’s begin

  • Iron Man 3 released yet another character poster. This time for Ben Kingsley’s villain, The Mandarin
  • The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot, currently titled Ninja Turtles, has apparently found its April O Neill.
  • After originally saying Jack Reacher would not be getting a sequel, the film has now gone on to make enough money from international markets and may well get the sequel treatment after all.
  • Matthew Vaughn, director of Stardust, Kick-Ass & X-Men: First Class has been given the job of helping produce the Fantastic 4 reboot. With Mark Millar overseeing production too & Josh Trank directing, come 2015 we may actually have a decent Fantastic 4 film in cinemas.
  • Joe Carnahan has dropped out of directing the remake of Death Wish, due to an apparent falling out with the studio on who should play the male lead. My choice for the lead? Josh Brolin.
  • The book that inspired the original Die Hard film, Nothing Lasts Forever, is due to be re-released to mark the films 25th anniversary. This should provide an interesting read that I’m sure to want to pick up.
  • Finally, this weekend is of course, Oscars weekend. The BBC has a nice feature on this weekends main event here. You can also check out my predictions for all the major winners here, then come back on Monday laughing at me for getting it all so wrong.

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