No Planet Hulk movie after all?

Ah, rumors and gossip, where would the internet be without you? A while back Latino Review posted a story regarding the fate of the Hulk after the The Avengers 2 and leading into The Avengers 3. You can read my thoughts on that here.

Now though, a report has come through completely debunking the rumor for now. Apparently the main reason for not wanting to do a Planet Hulk movie is this: ” After two false starts with Banner, Marvel is thrilled with Ruffalo. The last thing they want to do is reduce his role. Sure, they could have Ruffalo play Hulk in mocap, but the Banner element would be gone – and this evidently is important to Marvel.”

If this is true I can see their point, the reason the Hulk worked so well in The Avengers was because of how Mark Ruffalo managed to humanize the character. That, along with the fact that Marvel and the fans have already been burned twice by two underwhelming stand alone movies for the character, means we will probably not be seeing the Hulk in his own movie for a while and definitely won’t be seeing A Planet Hulk movie at all now.


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