Daily news roundup: March 1st 2013

Now this is more like it, some decent news to report on and mull over. A splendid way to end the movie week.

Lets begin.

  • In news that will shock no one, Halle Berry has stated her desire to return to the X-Men franchise in the upcoming sequel, Days Of Future Past. Claiming she is 90% sure of appearing the new movie. 
  • The upcoming live action Ninja Turtles movie, which recently cast Megan Fox, has had its release date moved to June 6 2014. This gives them a little over a year to film and edit the entire movie. I just hope it doesn’t end up being rushed to completion.
  • Rich Moore, director of the brilliant Wreck-It Ralph, has hinted at what he would like to feature in the sequel. Mentioning multiple Ralph’s from different games and a potential move into Super Smash Brothers territory. Can’t wait.
  • The people behind the excellent Sinister have announced there will indeed be a sequel. Personally I don’t really think Sinister needs a sequel and hope it doesn’t become another franchise, like Saw & Paranormal Activity before it.
  • Finally, Gary Oldman is the latest addition to Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes. Oldman will play the leader of a human colony trying to survive the aftermath from the events of the previous film.

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