Change of plan for the Justice League movie?

A report has come through from Latino Review, those ever intrepid reporters/gossip mongers, regarding the upcoming Justice League movie. After the news broke not long back that the film could be delayed indefinitely, Latino Review are now updating everyone on the project by claiming that Christian Bale will return to the DCU as Batman.

Not only that, but LR also claim Zack Snyder will produce the Justice League movie alongside Christopher Nolan. Nolan has also, apparently, took charge of the DC movie universe. Helping to oversee all other DC movie projects.

If this is true then I think it’s good news for everyone involved, and particularly the fans who may have started to grow a little wary of any potential Justice League movie, after it being in development for some time but seeing no real movement on the project.

Whether this means we will see the Justice League going up against The Avengers 2 in 2015 remains to be seen. We still don’t know DC’s plan to introduce the other characters from the Justice League, or how they will re-introduce Batman to the cinematic universe.

Time will tell, but for now consider this good news.


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