Daily news roundup: March 7th 2013

More geeky goodness today in the roundup. The Hulk, Iron Man, ghosts, apes and drunken men all get a mention.

Lets begin.

  • After Joss Whedon already debunked any rumors of a Planet Hulk movie actually happening, Mark Ruffalo has now taken to Twitter to confirm what we already knew. He stated that we will see the Hulk once again in The Avengers 2, but at the moment there is no plan for a stand alone movie for the big green dude just yet. 
  • In case it was posted a little too late for your sleepy eyes last night, here is the new poster for Iron Man 3.
  • The upcoming remake of Poltergeist (still holds up in my opinion) has found its director in the shape of Gil Kenan. Kenan’s previous two films are City Of Ember (meh) and Monster House (actually very good).
  • The very lovely Keri Russell will join Gary Oldman for Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes, which is due for release next year.
  • The first teaser poster for The Hangover Part 3 has landed. Featuring the tag line “It All Ends” which I really hope is true.
  • Some poor sod at Empire has had the job of making a breakdown for the latest Iron Man 3 trailer. It’s even called “28 Must-Pause Moments From The New Iron Man 3 Trailer”. If that’s your thing then check it out here. I stopped looking at these type of things a while ago now, particularly after Prometheus, when every major plot device was given away in one trailer.

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