Sex & violence= Machete Kills

I’ve always enjoyed the films of Robert Rodriguez. I remember staying up late to watch Desperado on Channel 4 when I was younger and renting From Dusk Till Dawn from the video shop, expecting a crime caper and getting something completely different, go watch the film and you’ll know what I mean.

Despite being a fan of his work, I haven’t watched anything he’s directed since I saw Sin City at the cinema. A friend of mine once lent me Planet Terror but despite holding onto it for about six months I never actually got round to watching it. But now I have been drawn to his work again, this time in the shape of Machete Kills. I’ve yet to see the first Machete, but I amending this as I type.

Now that Machete Kills is on my radar, and possibly yours too, I bring you to the centre piece of my article. Really, I’ve just rambled away explaining why I like Robert Rodriguez and his films, and now I have another reason to enjoy his work and look forward to his next flick.

Below is the new poster for Machete Kills. Yeah I know.


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