Daily news roundup: March 11th 2013

A mixed bag of news to start the week with, covering all sorts of genres. Waste no time and read on.

  • A very cool new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness was released over the weekend. Showing lots of new footage, some great action and a little bit of humor. Damn this looks good. 
  • After a screening at SXSW of the new Evil Dead film, it was confirmed that director Fede Alvarez is already working on a sequel. Cleverly titled Evil Dead 2, so far anyway.
  • Not only that, but news also emerged of a sequel to the original three films, Evil Dead, Evil Dead 2 & Army Of Darkness, and that sequel will indeed be Army Of Darkness 2. Honestly never saw that news coming.
  • Josh Duhamel may or may not appear in Transformers 4, which is due to be released next year. Apparently he may appear briefly as some sort of connecting tissue to the previous three films, cause I’m sure Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are instantly forgettable right?
  • Already delving into franchise territory is V/H/S with, yeah you’re right, V/H/S 2. This time focusing on two private investigators on the trail of a missing student, who happen upon an abandoned house full of old VHS tapes. Spooky huh?
  •  Finally, remember All The Boys Love Mandy Lane? The movie hit our shores about seven years ago but is only now to be released in American cinemas. Having watched it just the other day, I honestly don’t think they’ve missed much, it’s a pretty boring horror film with a very obvious twist and takes itself far too seriously.

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