Daily news roundup: March 12th 2013

Some days are slower than others when it comes to news, particularly movie news, and today is a very slow day indeed. There were still some nuggets of information waiting to be found though.

Lets begin.

  • Any plans for a movie version of hit television show “24” have put been put to rest by the man attached to direct it. That story can be found here
  • Steven Spielberg has updated us on the sequel to 2011’s Tintin. He hopes to have the movie out by Christmas time 2015.
  • Bryan Singer has spoken of Magneto’s story arc in upcoming X-Men prequel/sequel Days Of Future Past.
  • There could well be a sequel to 1988 B-movie comedy classic, Beetlejuice. If this Twitter update from Seth Grahame-Smith is to be believed anyway. Personally I hope he’s just messing with us on this one.
  • Finally, Cosplay really isn’t my thing at all, but I do have to admit this version of Vanellope and her cart from Wreck-It Ralph is pretty damn good.

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