As it’s late, I’ll keep todays roundup short and sweet.

Lets begin.

  • Cult favorite TV show Veronica Mars was subject to a KickStarter campaign to raise enough money for a feature-length film, it not only raised the $2 million needed but did it in under 12 hours. Impressive stuff. 
  • Resident Evil 6 has found its director in the shape of, drum roll please……… Paul WS Anderson. After directing nearly all of the other films in the franchise and helping the series rake in serious cash, it makes sense to put him in charge of the, possible, final entry in the franchise.
  • Finally, in more director related news is Jurassic Park 4. No, not Spielberg or Abrams or anyone else you may have thought of has got the role. Instead, the studio has taken a very left-field choice and employed Colin Trevorrow. Trevorrow directed the very good Safety Not Guaranteed, and I think this is an exciting choice which should be applauded.