Daily news roundup: March 22nd 2013

A rather odd end to the week for movies. Not strictly on the first three stories you can read below, but the fourth and final story is a very odd thing to behold.

Lets begin.

  • After Sam Mendes said no to directing the next James Bond movie, so to has Danny Boyle. Let the speculation begin as to who will eventually land the directors job. 
  • Star Trek Into Darkness is getting closer and closer to its release date, and in accordance the marketing machine is starting to ramp up. With a new trailer and poster which you can view here.
  • Ryan Reynolds has spoken to Empire and given an update on the proposed Deadpool movie. I love the way Reynolds talks about Deadpool and how he was upset with his appearance in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It’s kind of sad though that we may never get to see the Deadpool movie we all deserve.
  • Finally, here’s a different take on some old movie posters starring Michael Douglas or should I say Michael Puglas. Yes, Michael Douglas replaced by a pug. It’s a slightly odd thing to be looking at but I have to say it made me smile. The Falling Down poster is my particular favorite.

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