Danny Boyle also says no to Bond

After Sam Mendes declined to direct Bond 24, and with news of the film having no set release date other than sometime in the next three years, attention turns to who will direct the next installment in the Bond series.

At the top of a few peoples wish list I’m sure, was Danny Boyle. However, Boyle has also now ruled himself out of directors duties. Answering questions at the premiere of his new film, Trance, Boyle had this to say:

“It’s not for me. I like working under the radar a bit more, so you can take risks.” He also said: “We did a sort of mini Bond film already, in the Olympics.”

So there you have it. No Mendes and no Boyle. Of course, there are many other directors out there who are all very capable of pulling off a great Bond movie. I’m also sure that the money men and women behind the Bond series will not want to rush any decision, especially after the global success of Skyfall.


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