Daily news roundup: March 25th 2013

A good start to the week bring us lots of worthy news stories. Waste no time and look below for the best of today’s news.

Lets begin.

  • The first of today’s stories takes us to The Wolverine and two new posters that were released in anticipation of the new trailer, which is due to land this Wednesday. Those two posters can be seen here.
  • Another poster came in the form of Pacific Rim. Detailing the sheer size and spectacle of what we can expect from this years big battle royal. Again, that poster can be seen here.  
  • The last poster of the day also brought with it a new trailer for upcoming zombie apocalypse movie, World War Z. I am highly looking forward to this movie, though I will admit it seems to be quite far removed from its source material, and even seems to be hiding the fact it is a zombie movie.
  • After finding its Raphael over the weekend, the new Ninja Turtles movie has indeed found its other Turtles in a half shell. One thing that is annoying me slightly about the way certain sites reported this news, is how they referred to it as “Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtles”. I realize he has name value and is the producer on the movie, but the director is Jonathan Liebesman, not Mr Bay.
  • Finally, Robert Redford has joined the cast of Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This is quite the coup on Marvels part, and it will be interesting to see whether Redford appears in more Marvel movies or if this is just a one-off deal.

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