Daily news roundup: March 27th 2013

Brace yourselves for a bumper roundup today. Look below for today’s best news.

Lets begin.

  • After teasing us with teaser trailers for the full trailer, The Wolverine has finally released an official 2 and half-minute trailer. It’s pretty good too, and can be viewed here
  • Talking of trailers, Pain & Gain has released a new red band trailer, showing off what is sure to be this years guilty pleasure.
  • If those trailers aren’t enough for you, then you should feast your eyes on this. Yes, White House Down may look similar to Olympus Has Fallen, but they never blew up Air Force One with a rocket did they?! Epic stuff.
  • Finally, I’m not sure what goes through peoples heads these days, hell I’m not sure what goes through mine half the time, but Roland Emmerich has spoken of his ideas for two sequels to Independence Day. Yes, TWO sequels. Now, I have read his quotes and while some of it does sound cool, I’m also pretty sure he completely ruins the endings of both proposed movies. Is nothing secret these days?



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