Daily news roundup: April 9th 2013

  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier began filming recently and the first image from the set has appeared online. A new synopsis has also gone up, giving us a few more details of what to expect next April. Source
  • More Marvel related news has also hit the web, with actor Morris Chestnut hinting big time at his role in The Avengers 2. Chestnut tweeted that character The Black Panther may well be showing up in the 2015 blockbuster. Source.
  • Catwoman herself, otherwise known as Anne Hathaway, will apparently be appearing alongside Matthew McConaughey in the Christopher Nolan directed Interstellar. Source.
  • Ron Howard’s next movie Rush, starring Chris Hemsworth and Olivia Wilde, debuted a new trailer online the other day. Centering around the 1976 Formula 1 championship battle between James Hunt and Niki Lauda, and I have to admit it looks damn good too. Source.
  • Finally, Neill Blomkamp’s new flick Elysium has shown off a poster for the Matt Damon starrer. Apparently the trailer will be online soon too. My hopes are high for this film, especially after Blomkamp’s superb District 9. Source.

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