The Overlook Hotel finds a writer

One of the best horror films of all time, The Shining, is set for the prequel treatment (pipe down at the back, your moaning will get you nowhere).

The prequel will be called The Overlook Hotel and is currently in development at Warner Bros, and they have recently announced that former showrunner for The Walking Dead Glen Mazzara will be on writing duties.

No details are yet known on how this prequel will be handled, but there is definitely enough material from the original film and novel to be able to flesh out some more of the characters and to tell a good story. Stephen King has even written a sequel to the book entitled Doctor Sleep, which focuses on Danny Torrance as an adult.



2 thoughts on “The Overlook Hotel finds a writer

  1. If this is a series It could be good but since AHS new season is set in a hotel. I don’t think it will be as relevant. Still curious to see what happens but Not going to be memorable

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