R.I.P. John McClane

Just the other night Total Film broke the news that Die Hard 6 had found a screenwriter and, somehow, its title Die Hard 6: Die Hardest.

Ben Trebilcook is the man tasked with trying to find John McClane’s dignity, after A Good Day To Die Hard stumbled around cinemas back in February. Trebilcook has two previous writing gigs to his name (fills you with confidence doesn’t it) called Deader Country and Knockout. Trebilcook met with Die Hard 5 producer Larry D. Webster while on the set of Knockout.

The best Die Hard film

Rumour has it (or rather the IMDb does) that Trebilcook worked on drafts of Die Hard 4 & Mission: Impossible 3. Luckily though his ideas were dropped and never made it to the final versions. Just as well, seen as his idea for Die Hard 4 involved John McClane and his daughter fighting off terrorists (sounds familiar right?), and his rather ludicrous idea for MI: 3 involved bringing back Emilio Estevez’s character, you know the one who dies right at the start of the first Mission: Impossible film.

The L in Samuel L. Jackson stands for motherfucker

Mr. Trebilcook boldy announced that, if the producers decide to keep his script, (which they could throw out in favour of something else still) that he feels it could be “the Rocky Balboa of the Die Hard franchise”. If that’s the case then, does that mean that John McClane will finally be defeated and will someone finally (please) kill him off? As long as they aren’t prepping the franchise to be led by Jai Courtney’s Jack McClane that is.

The worst Die Hard film

On another note, why do the titles for these movies continue to get worse? A Good Day To Die Hard was a rubbish title, as is Die Hard 6: Die Hardest. Why not call it Die Hard: Just Die, or Die Hard: Die Now, or Die Hard: A Hard Day to Die Hard?

This was meant to be a humourous post by the way. I mean you got that right? Right? I think my humour is lost on some people………

Sounds like a Die Hard film, but sadly isn’t

Total Film


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