The Monday Roundup, May 27th

The Monday roundup is your handy little guide to everything movie related. Including the best of the weekends news, what’s new on DVD & blu ray & what you can look forward to at the cinema this week.

News bites

  • There are roughly 3 people who have yet to see Iron Man 3 at the cinema, and I know two of those people, as Walt Disney Pictures have announced current worldwide takings to be at $1.142 billion for Marvel’s latest blockbuster. This is a huge taking make no mistake, and proves there is more than enough interest in Marvels playboy, billionaire, philanthropist despite rumblings over whether Robert Downey Jr would continue in the role.
  • After previously being aligned to star in the big screen adaptation of The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Tom Cruise has now dropped out, due to his commitment to star in a fifth Mission: Impossible movie. Guy Ritchie & Armie Hammer, however, still remain attached to the project.
  • In a strange turnout for the books, Marvel character of both the X-Men & The Avengers is due to appear in upcoming sequels for for both movies, but played by a different actor. Bryan Singer recently tweeted that Evan Peters will play the role in X-Men: Days Of Future Past. Joss Whedon, however, has not yet cast his version of the character. Apparently there is an agreement between both studios, Fox & Marvel, over the use of some characters and how they can be portrayed in their respective franchises. I have a feeling though, that Fox surprised Marvel with this recent announcement.

Video of the day

I’ve always liked the DC animated movies and TV shows. They’ve generally maintained a high quality output with these titles, unlike some of their silver screen versions and this trailer for Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox looks to be maintaining that high quality.

Blu-ray/DVD pick of the week

A rental pick for sure. The Last Stand is a return to the big screen for action icon Arnold Schwarzenegger, where he plays a Sheriff standing between a drugs cartel and their escape through the Mexican border. It also stars Johnny Knoxville, so you can see why I’ve put it on the rental list.

TV pick of the week

Hard Eight

Film4, 1:25AM on Thursday 30 May

Hard Eight stars Philip Baker Hall, John C. Reilly, Gwyneth Paltrow and a young(ish) Samuel L. Jackson. A wonderful movie with a great cast telling a smart story with multiple layers to it. Set your set top box to record, unless you fancy staying up past the witching hour.

Cinema pick of the week 

Starring Ethan Hawke & Lena Headey, The Purge has a very high concept story regarding a 12 hour period one night of the year where anything goes. All crimes are legalised and the emergency services basically get the night off. It looks slightly silly but could also be lots of fun.


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