The Monday roundup June 10th

The Monday roundup is your handy little guide to everything movie related. Including the best of the weekends news, what’s new on DVD & Blu-Ray & what you can look forward to at the cinema this week.

News bites

  • Some casting news arrived over the last few days. It is being reported that Kick-Ass himself, Aaron Taylor-Johnson is be lined up for a role in Marvel’s upcoming Avengers sequel. The role would be that of Quicksilver, a character Marvel share the rights to along with Fox and who will also be appearing in their X-Men sequel, Days Of Future Past.
  • At the US box office, The Purge rules the weekend by taking in an estimated $36 million. That may not seem like huge numbers, but keeping in mind it only cost, roughly, $3 million to make, then that is a pretty big return so far.
  • This is not movie news at all, but yesterday author Iain Banks passed away after losing his battle with cancer. He was 59. RIP Sir.

DVD/Blu-Ray pick of the week


The multi award-winning, Steven Spielberg directed and Daniel Day-Lewis starring Lincoln arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray this week. Out of the 140 awards it was nominated for, it won a total of 52. Not bad huh?

Cinema pick of the week 


There really is only one film worth your time and money this week. Released on Friday, Man Of Steel is Warner Bros. new tent pole blockbuster franchise. I’m massively excited about this, but won’t get to see it until the following Tuesday.


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