Five films for July

Every month I pick four films due to be released at the cinema that I think will be worthy of your time, this month though see’s my number of picks rise to five as I didn’t want to eliminate any from the list.

Here are my picks for July.

Now You See Me, July 3rd

Featuring what is probably the best cast of the summer, Now You See Me is an interesting take on the old bank heist formula. A team of illusionists, led by Jesse Eisenberg, rob banks whilst performing live shows and then share the banks money with the audience. I think Now You See Me looks like an enjoyable ride, with a great cast and a capable director, this could be the surprise hit of the month.

Monsters University, July 12th

Apart from Toy Story 3, I don’t think I have seen a Pixar release at the cinema in a while. Cars didn’t bother me, and neither did Brave. Now though, we are going back to Monsters Inc. territory. The first Monsters film is brilliant, and hopefully this prequel where we see Mike and Sulley in the early days of their friendship/rivalry will be just as good.

Pacific Rim, July 12th

Pacific Rim is directed by Guillermo Del Toro, and tells the story of how humanity tries to survive the threat of alien attack. That means humans building bloody big robots to take the hostile creatures down. I have been excited about this film for such a long time, it almost felt like it was never going to arrive at the cinema. I’m positive this will be Del Toro’s biggest hit of his career so far.

The World’s End, July 19th

Marking the end of the Three Flavours trilogy, The World’s End reunites stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost along with director Edgar Wright. When five old friends reunite for one last attempt to recreate a pub crawl from 20 years ago, they somehow end up as our only hope in the face of total annihilation. Sounds cool right?

The Wolverine, July 26th

Another month, another superhero movie. This time it’s the turn of perennial loner Logan, aka The Wolverine. Set long after the events of X-Men: The Last Stand, we find Wolverine alone in Japan, but unbeknownst to him his past is about to catch up with him. I really have no idea how good this movie will be, but after the piss poor Origins spin-off, this can only be a step in the right direction for everyone’s favourite mutant amnesiac.


9 thoughts on “Five films for July

  1. Agree with all five . Pacific rim and now you see me are definatly s . Was nt hyped for wolverine at first but increasinly being drawn to it.

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