3 Ideas For The Wolverine Sequel

With the news that director James Mangold and star Hugh Jackman are set to return for a sequel to this years The Wolverine, there has been much talk on the internet about where they could go next with the story, and which, if any, of the many comic book storylines the film will be based upon.

Mangold has indeed confirmed he will be looking to the comic books for inspiration on the sequel, but has obviously not confirmed which of those he has in mind. Hugh Jackman has also commented, and while also giving nothing away he has hinted at one possible story, while maintaining that he and Mangold already have some very cool ideas in place.

With that in mind, here are 3 comic book storylines that could be adapted for the big screen.

Old-Man-loganOld Man Logan

Written by Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Wanted), Old Man Logan finds our hero 50 years in the future, the bad guys have won and there are no more heroes left. With the United States divided up into territories ruled by various super villains, including the likes of Magneto, Dr. Doom & the Red Skull, any heroes that are left are in hiding. While it would be somewhat difficult to include all of the characters located in this story arc, due the cinematic rights being split between Marvel, Fox & Sony, it would not be an altogether impossible scenario to have the likes of Magneto & Dr. Doom running things.

A bit like Days Of Future Past, Old Man Logan sees the storyline shifted to the future in an almost “what if?” tale. We would find our hero in the future pegged down, and without a friend in sight. This would also play on the fact that while it is increasingly difficult to see anyone else ever playing Wolverine, it has to be said that Hugh Jackman is not getting any younger & will eventually have to hang up the claws.

Another spin on this alternate future comes from the X-Men Origins: Wolverine video game. Yes, well know the film was terrible but the game featured an awesome cinematic whereby Wolverine narrates the story from the future where he fights mutant hunting soldiers on a daily basis and everyday is about surviving.

Depending on where the X-Men franchise decides to go next after Days Of Future Past, both of these stories could provide inspiration for another future set story where time & all the battles over the years are finally catching up with Wolverine.

Enemy Of The StatewolverineEnemyOfTheState

Enemy Of The State is basically Wolverine Vs The Marvel Universe. Having being captured and brainwashed by The Hand and then manipulated by HYRDA, Wolverine is used as their deadliest weapon, picking off superheroes throughout the story as HYRDA attempts world domination.

Again written by Mark Millar, Enemy Of The State features a high amount of action and would make a great summer blockbuster. While the cinematic rights issue strikes again, and it would be impossible to feature either S.H.I.E.L.D. or HYRDA in the film, it is entirely possible, and plausible, to use other fictional organisations.

Seeing Wolverine go up against his old friends & X team members would be great to watch unfold on the big screen. With Days Of Future Past set to expand on Fox’s Marvel universe, we have the opportunity to see the likes of Colossus, Warpath & Bishop all throw down with Wolverine. Also, with mooted talk of connecting the X-Men franchise & the Fantastic 4, who’s to say we couldn’t see an appearance from the Human Torch or The Thing as Wolverine cuts his way through the film?

wolviecoyotecrosstpbCoyote Crossing

Coyote Crossing is the most sombre selection here, and is in many ways very similar to this years solo Wolverine outing. Pitting Logan as a lone wolf, with no help from the other X-Men, Logan travels from town to town putting right any wrongdoings he comes across.

Coyote Crossing is written by Greg Rucka, and his whole 19 issue run see’s a more grounded approach given to Wolverine, as he battles crime lords & human trafficking schemes instead of the usual bad guys who want to take over the world. That for me is what made The Wolverine such a good movie, with a focus on character & story instead of all out action.

With Coyote Crossing directly following the events of “The Brotherhood”, also written by Rucka, we could see events intertwined with each other throughout the film. Also, anyone who has seen The Wolverine knows there is a full 2 year gap for Mangold to play with between the end of that film & the start of Days Of Future Past, and a story like this would be a perfect fit to fill that gap.


9 thoughts on “3 Ideas For The Wolverine Sequel

      1. The character would be back in a reboot with a different actor. Wolverine don’t die! 😀

        Would be a great film though, if they made it great which they probably wont 😦

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