Question Of The Month: Best Movie Quote


I’d just like to take a moment and direct you to The Oracle Of Film’s excellent monthly feature Question Of The Month. Why is it excellent? Well, one reason is that I take part in it, and another is that Luke takes the huge effort to ask a series of fellow bloggers one question each month and then waits for them to give their answers. It may sound simple, but a good amount of time goes into putting this post together and making it into an interesting article.

This months question was what is your favourite quote from a movie? Anyone who knows me well enough can have one guess at which movie my favourite quote comes from, get it wrong though and there will be trouble.

Anyway, before I ramble even further I will simply present you with this months Question Of The Month.

You can read the entire article here.




2 thoughts on “Question Of The Month: Best Movie Quote

  1. Always looking for new bloggers to take part. If any of Twinkie’s readers are interested, reply to me on here and I will see when I can squeeze you in.

    1. Stop pimping yourself out on my site! Lol. If anyone is wanting to take part though, i strongly urge you to do so and i’m sure Luke will do his best to fit you in.

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