The Monday Roundup


The Monday roundup is your handy little guide to everything movie related. Including the best of the weekend’s news, what’s new on DVD & Blu-Ray & what you can look forward to at the cinema this week.


  • Much to the anger of many a fan, The Expendables 3 has been rated as a PG-13, a 12A in the UK. The first two movies were rated R but Sylvester Stallone confirmed at the Cannes Film Festival that the third (and final?) instalment will be more serious than the second movie, and that they want to reach as many people as possible with this one.
  • Hugh Jackman appears to be having second thoughts on retiring from his role as Wolverine in any future X-Men movies. The actor has recently stated that the third solo Wolverine outing would be his last, but when questioned at the Australian premiere of X-Men: Days of Future Past, Jackman appears to have had a change of heart. Stating that as long as he has the passion and the fans want him, then anything can happen.
  • The next project for directors Joel & Ethan Coen is set to be Hail Caesar. The movie is set in 1950’s Hollywood, and centres around Eddie Mannix. Mannix worked for the big Hollywood studios of the time and helped to keep up the clean living image of many of its stars by keeping stories out of the press, such as affairs, drug taking etc by any means necessary.
  • Word has it that Namor: The Sub-Mariner is set for the movie treatment at Universal. As Universal, and not Marvel, hold the rights to the character, this could be seen as something as coup for Universal who are one of the major studios without a major superhero tent pole movie to their name. The movie could land on November 4th 2016 if rumours are correct. This would also beat Aquaman to the big screen, as many believe he will feature in DC’s Justice League movie, which won’t be out until 2017.
  • Godzilla has trampled the competition at the US box office and took in a massive $93.2 million. This of course means only one thing, Godzilla 2 will now officially be on the way. That left Bad Neighbours in second place with a respectable $25.9 million earned in its second week of release. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 fell to third and took another $16.8 million. The only other new entry in the top five was Million Dollar Arm (sounds horrible) which earned $10.5 million. The Other Woman rounded out this weeks top five as it took $6.3 million in its fourth week at the box office.

DVD/Blu-Ray Picks Of The Week

Something of a mixed bag this week for home releases. The one major release is The Wolf of Wall Street, with the next biggest release seemingly being season one of Orange Is The New Black. Fans of Studio Ghibli can now own The Cat Returns and Princess Mononoke. While The Pit And The Pendulum is being released in a rather snazzy looking steelbook edition.

Worrying Poster Of The Day


Now, while I do indeed love the Despicable Me movies, and yes I adore the minions just as much as the next person, I’m really not sure they deserve a movie all on their own. Jon Hamm and Sandra Bullock have apparently already signed on to the minions origin story, as they seek out the most despicable supervillain they can find.


2 thoughts on “The Monday Roundup

  1. Cool round up man. As for the The Expendables 3 being 12A, meh, I don’t care. Some films have gotten away with a lot on just a 12A rating and as long the action works then I’m good. While I’m glad Hugh Jackman isn’t ready to throw away the Wolverine role I hope it wasn’t just a money issue like some are speculating, I guess that element probably comes into play but I’d hope it was more his commitment to the role and giving us the best portrayal of the character possible. As for the minions getting their own film, like you I love those little nutters but having their own film really feels like their existence is being milked heavily.

    1. Thanks man. Yeah I agree you can get away with a lot for a 12A nowadays. Also, I do think Jackman is pretty genuine about the role of Wolverine, so while I’m sure money played its part I don’t think it would be the only factor for him.

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