My Top Ten Worst Comic Book Movies

Back in February I wrote a list of my top ten favourite comic book movies. It was a fun piece to do and I like to think that you all enjoyed reading it. During the months since then I have wanted to do a follow-up piece regarding the worst comic book movies. Everyone has an opinion on this, and it will be fun to see what you think of my list and whether you agree with my selections and omissions.

Most of the movies on this list I have seen once, some on the other hand I have had the misfortune of seeing two or three times, so I have a pretty good idea of how bad they are. One rule I have put in place here is that no franchise can be represented twice, so if I pick an X-Men movie, that will be the only X-Men movie to feature on this list. Sure, there may be some franchises that have more than one bad entry but I wanted to keep things streamlined and pick just one.

As with my top ten best comic book movies I will open this list up for debate. So, if you feel inclined to do so then please use the comments section below to tell me what I have missed and got wrong, or you can use Twitter & Facebook to do the same. I have also included a poll at the bottom of the list so you can even vote on which movie you feel is the worst of the bunch.

10. Constantine


Bollocks, this movie is just utter bollocks. Constantine is so hard to get on with, it takes a great premise from great source material and utterly ruins it. Keanu Reeves play John Constantine, a man with the ability to see angels & demons in their true form and who must exorcise demons back to hell in an attempt to gain favour with heaven, so that when he dies he cursed soul can be saved. Honestly, this could have made for a cracking movie, but instead we get Reeves and Shia LaBeouf stumbling through an awkward script and monotonous action, while the characters do little to stay in the mind afterwards. Perhaps Constantine is more disappointing than bad, but it still deserves a place on this list.

9. Jonah Hex


While I had no real expectations going into this movie, I still left with a feeling of “what just happened?” Jonah Hex is led by a great cast which includes the likes of Josh Brolin, John Malkovich, Michael Shannon, Michael Fassbender and erm Megan Fox. The story is based upon the DC comics character of the same name and had the awful tagline of “Revenge Gets Ugly” yeah we get it, the guy has a massive scar on his face, well done, but seriously, Jonah Hex could have been a fun throwaway summer blockbuster, but instead came across as a terrible, terrible mess of a movie.

8. The Fantastic Four


The Fantastic Four really weren’t that fantastic. Apart from Chris Evans as Johnny Storm, no one in this movie is at all fantastic. Sure, there are some talented actors on display here, but the world they get to play in is bland and really rather tedious. The villain, Dr. Doom, bears no threat at all and the heroes never once seem to be really tested. Like Elektra, this movie was not helped by coming out so close to Batman Begins, but The Fantastic Four was distinctly average at best and really rather forgettable.

7Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3


I still really like the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, so much so that I included it on my top ten best comic book movies feature. Unfortunately the series gets progressively worse after the first movie. Sure the second movie has its faults, but it has enough good moments to make it a fun if slightly forgettable time, but the third movie, boy was that crap. The turtles use a MacGuffin found at a flea market and travel back in time to save April O’Neil from warring clans in feudal Japan. It’s the worst kind of nonsense and probably only appealed to 4-year-old kids at the time, but then again I may be doing 4-year-old kids a disservice as even they wouldn’t want to watch this trash.

6. Blade Trinity

Blade-3 -Trinity-jessica-biel-reynolds

The first Blade movie was the movie that kicked off this golden age of comic book movies we are enjoying now, but as with most things the series eventually got worse. While Blade 2 was as good as it’s predecessor, the third movie was that bad it killed off the franchise altogether. Sure there was a TV show spin-off, but we all knew that would never last. The main problem here, as with so many comic book sequels was an abundance of new characters to get used to, while the original characters suffered from an awful script and pretty dreadful action and a sense that we have seen it all before.

5. Spider-Man 3


As with Blade before it, Spider-Man was another movie that kicked off the current comic book craze. Spider-Man 2 was a huge success, and even though Spider-Man 3 made a tonne of money it also brought about some of the worst reviews for a Spider-Man movie and convinced Sony Pictures to reboot the series five years later with The Amazing Spider-Man. The third instalment of Sam Raimi’s series suffered for many of the reasons that Blade 3 did. Too many villains, too many plot threads and a payoff that was forced and lacked enough humanity to work. Other faults lay in the decision to turn Peter Parker into a douche with an emo hairstyle, and the use of scenes that had no narrative flow causing an uneven Spidey story that felt flat and a tiny bit depressing.

4. X-Men Origins: Wolverine


X-Men Origins: Wolverine is the kind of movie that truly baffles me. How can you take one of cinemas most beloved action icons and drop him into this dreadful excuse for a movie? I like to think that most comic book movies are at least somewhat watchable and have one or two redeeming qualities to make them worth the money and time, but the first Wolverine spin-off movie was one of the biggest misfires in recent memory and stands head and shoulders above X-Men: The Last Stand in terms of shit factor. For a solo movie there were a lot of characters who needn’t be there, and some who were totally wasted, here’s looking at you Deadpool. Hugh Jackman, as usual, put his soul into the movie but unfortunately director Gavin Hood didn’t quite find the balance between story and action and his biggest failure was in making the X-Men franchise come across as something it never should be, boring.

3. Elektra


Yes, Daredevil was bad, really, really bad, but Elektra was worse. Back before Marvel started their cinematic universe building, 20th Century Fox gave us this spin-off to one of the worst comic book movies ever. I remember thinking at the time, who has asked for this movie to be made? Seriously, after watching Daredevil who wanted to get in on another piece of that universe? OK, so it stars Jennifer Garner which automatically jumps it up in my estimation, but the story of a woman being brought back from the dead, to then be trained by Terence Stamp’s blind martial arts master should be the kind of idea that gets left on the floor of big Hollywood studios. The movie wasn’t helped by the fact that Batman Begins came out the same year and absolutely blew everyone away, but even so, this kind of rubbish simply cannot be tolerated.

2. Ghost Rider


Nicolas Cage has always seemed like somewhat of an enigma to me. He has made some great movies in his career, but he always seems to be remembered for the utter crap he makes. Is this unfair? I mean, everyone makes bad movies and has off days, but are his bad movies so bad that no one can forgive him once they have seen them? More to the point though, how did this movie ever get a sequel? A mix of poor dialogue, hammy acting, physics defying action and a hero who’s not really much of a hero make Ghost Rider one of the most boring and uninspiring superhero movies ever.

1. Batman & Robin


Nipples! In the name of all that is holy, who decided to put nipples on the Batsuit? To be fair, this is not enough to make a movie bad, but it goes a helluva way towards it don’t you think? I’m actually not sure if there are any redeeming features for Batman & Robin. Overacting, awful villains, corny dialogue, a terrible storyline, Batman & Robin on ice skates and the use of a Bat-Credit Card all contributed to what felt like an 8 year olds version of Batman. Maybe this is where the problem lies though, the desire to sell toys over a good movie? Chris Nolan never stood for this, and had a distinct idea in mind when making his Dark Knight trilogy which led to some of the best comic book movies ever. So, maybe the fault doesn’t lie entirely at director Joel Schumacher’s feet, even if in recent interviews he has rather bravely took the blame, but more so with an interfering studio who were desperate to make as much money as possible from parents who would inevitably have to fork out for a six-inch George Clooney (careful ladies). This really is a terrible movie, and killed off the Batman franchise for the next eight years, and rightfully deserves its place at the top of this list.

So there is it, the worst comic book comic book movies ever in my opinion. Do you agree/disagree, well here’s your chance to have your say and vote for what you feel is the worst comic book movie.


30 thoughts on “My Top Ten Worst Comic Book Movies

  1. Awwwww hahaha, I liked Origins (A LOT) and I thoroughly enjoyed Constantine! However, I get the rest of the list! Great work. I love your reasons behind all of them, really good!

    1. To be fair, I’m finding Constantine has a lot of love, so I may find a copy and take another look but I just remember it being a waste.We’ll have to agree to disagree on Origins though, I really couldn’t stand that movie. Lol.

      1. Would be interested to hear what you think about Constantine after a rewatch!

        I see that a lot of people really don’t like it, I am just at a loss for why hahaha. Your session shed some light though!

      2. 🙂

        Keeping fingers crossed, I see it has become quite the thing to do all these things up for television now!

      3. I actually haven’t. I saw the ones for Gotham and Flash but not Constantine. I didn’t even know it had one yet?

      4. Yeah I think it came out last week. Looks good, and the new lead looks the part but I’ve always wished they had cast James Marsters as Constantine.

      5. Alright, just hopped over to YouTube and had a look see now. Looks like it could be a good one, definitely!

        Have you read the Hellblazer comics?

      6. No, I haven’t. I just wanted to ask about his damned soul, but I will Google it. Like the movie it was because he killed himself, whereas here it seems it is because he damned a little girl’s soul… so was interested. Maybe I should read them before this comes around.

      7. From what I see on the internet, they do seem worth reading, and I’m interested to see where the TV show goes and how much it can get away with.

  2. Some good choices, I’ve found that often the third movie in the franchise is the worst. I’m fond of Constantine though I have no experience with the source material which I think helps out a lot. I also am fond of the cheesy fun in Ghost Rider though the sequel is much worse. I’m guessing that you’ve never seen : Catwoman, Steel, the Pumaman, The Crow: Wicked Prayer, or Captain Battle: Legacy War which all could take their place on this list, and Catwoman tries so hard to prove that it’s not tied to Batman that it can be included alongside Batman and Robin.

    1. I agree, the third movie generally is the worst for some reason. Unfortunately I haven’t seen any of the other movies you have mentioned, but I would like to see Catwoman just to see how bad it really is. I also nearly included Nick Fury starring David Hasselhoff, but it’s so cheesy bad I couldn’t quite justify it.

  3. I agree with everything accept for Constantine, which I really enjoyed! 😮

    Batman & Robin gets my vote for worst though. Closely followed by Elektra. Awful stuff.

      1. I think it appealed to a sort of “niche” audience. I remember absolutely loving it the first time I saw it and being confused at the negative reception it received. But then, I’m one of those people who actually likes Keanu. 😀

      2. To be fair, I have nothing against the guy and the failings of the movie aren’t entirely his fault, I just felt it could have all been handled so much better.

    1. I would have included Daredevil, but as I only wanted to include one movie from each franchise I instead picked Elektra as I feel that is much worse than DD. Don’t get me wrong though, DD is awful and I’m not sticking up for it by not including it here, I just really thought Elektra was worse.

    1. Tim, please don’t take this the wrong way, but I actually don’t mind X-Men 3. I mean it’s not great, and doesn’t touch the first two for quality, and it’s a disappointing end to the original trilogy. But it has some decent action and a nice payoff between Wolverine and Jean.

      Please don’t unfollow me. Lol.

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