Please Stand By…


After facing some technical difficulties on behalf of Talk Talk, it would now seem that everything is back up and running.

I had been without the internet for what seemed like an eternity due to my internet service provider going AWOL on me. However, things do seem to be running smoothly for the mean time which means I will finally be able to start publishing articles again.

I have a few articles in mind, and all being well, this Sunday should see the first post for a monthly feature known as Film Club.

I have got together some of the best talent WordPress has to offer, and we will be tackling a different film each month with the intention of reviewing said film and sharing our thoughts with you wonderful people.

Once again, I’m sorry to anyone who wondered where all the new content has gone from this site, and I apologise to anyone if I’ve missed any emails or Tweets and so on so forth, but I will be doing my best to get back on top of things now.



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