Is Guardians Of The Galaxy The Best Marvel Film Yet?


After a few discussions both online and in the real world, ie the pub, it seems that Marvel Studios latest effort has split audiences somewhat. Not to the degree where people are arguing over whether the newest and shiniest superhero film is any good, but whether it is the best film Marvel have produced as a studio since the first Iron Man film came out in 2008?

Since then we have seen no less than ten movies released under the Marvel banner. All of these films have varied in quality, some are good and some are not so good. While others have shot up into the echelons of greatness.

The first truly great film Marvel made was Avengers: Assemble. The five films that came before it varied in quality, with the first Iron Man being the best of the bunch until Joss Whedon came along and blew everyone away when the Chitauri attempted to take over the world.

One thing I have noticed since the release of Avengers: Assemble is that either Marvel are raising their game with each film they make, or audience members memories are shrinking by some degree.

By that I mean, each new Marvel film seems to bring out the same line “best one yet.” I heard it after Iron Man 3, I heard it and nearly said it myself after Captain America: The Winter Soldier and I nearly heard it after Thor: The Dark World. Ok, maybe I didn’t hear it after Thor: The Dark World, but my point remains that each time Marvel release a film it gets touted as the best one yet.

Could this really be the case now though? Guardians of the Galaxy is an excellent film and one I enjoyed immensely, but is it up there as the King of Kings?

My opinion, I would have to say no. Sure Guardians is a great film, and is definitely up there with Marvel’s best, but I’m not as eager as some others to label it as the best thing since bread came sliced. I did indeed love Guardians with its frenetic pace, roguish characters, great soundtrack and most of all because it didn’t feel like anything Marvel has done before and felt somewhat disconnected to the other films in the cinematic universe.

If I were to rank the Marvel films to date, my list would be go something like this, in ascending order:

Iron Man 2

The Incredible Hulk

Thor: The Dark World


Captain America: The First Avenger

Iron Man

Iron Man 3

Guardians of the Galaxy

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Avengers: Assemble

That, of course, is my humble opinion on the Marvel cinematic universe. I don’t believe the studio has made an entirely bad film yet, even the ones at the bottom of my list are average at best, and that says something for the quality of the films Marvel has been turning out for the past six years.

Marvel are currently at the height of their powers now, and things will likely only get better when Avengers: Age of Ultron is released next year. The very fact that the studio can release a film that stars a talking racoon and a walking tree as his best friend, and make that film one the highest grossing efforts this years speaks volumes about them. You could even compare their current wave of success to that of Pixar in their heyday, when they persuaded audiences to watch a film featuring a rat who wanted to become a chef and then a waste collecting machine that couldn’t speak.

Whether that remains the case in the future remains to be seen, as Joss Whedon will step away from the studio after Avengers: Age of Ultron and the already troubled Ant-Man finally hits cinema. One thing that can’t be brought into question though is that Marvel are clearly riding a wave of great success at the moment, and audiences have every faith in what they produce.

Agree or disagree? Take part in the poll and vote yes or no to Guardians of the Galaxy being the best Marvel movie yet.


4 thoughts on “Is Guardians Of The Galaxy The Best Marvel Film Yet?

  1. Afternoon sir, great blog post. This film has definitely been a topic of conversation after the film was released and while I could give reasons for and against the film, I have to say that Guardians isn’t the best Marvel film. Now don’t get me wrong, I loved this film a lot and the fact that it was so different, funny and out-of-the-box was such a delightful and inventive, just shows how brilliant and daring Marvel Studios are. It seems like they can make anything work right now. My only issues with Guardians was that the main villain wasn’t as strong as the main cast and I feel like the surprise that I’ve found in other films prior to this one was another thing that I wasn’t keen on. I just feel like Cap 2 had a much better sense of urgency, surprise and badass action. As for you list I pretty much agree with it wholeheartedly besides Iron Man 1 & 3, as much as I loved IM3 (yes I said loved), I think the first still has a better sense of wonder and the origin of Tony Stark and the creation of his Iron Man armour is awesome.

    1. For me it doesn’t quite pip Avengers: Assemble. I saw that three times at the cinema. but I don’t have the same desire to rush back and see Guardians.

      I completely agree about the villain too. One thing Marvel haven’t quite mastered is making a great villain, other than Loki that is. Perhaps Joss Whedon will work his magic again, and provide us with another great villain in Age of Ultron.

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