Film Club Leaderboard: October Edition

Film Club is now officially four months old, and I thought it was a good time to start a leaderboard ranking the films we have reviewed from best to worst. By now, the majority of you should be familiar with the set up behind Film Club, but for anyone that isn’t aware, here is the gist of it.

Each month, one of us picks a film, which we all then watch and review and give it a score out of ten. It’s a simple premise and has a similar feel to that of a book club. There are various rules we have to follow, but as long as there are no major spoilers in anyone’s review it’s a pretty laid back affair. We cover all sorts of films, but I do ask that whoever has chosen a film to give their reasons for doing so, as this makes things a little more personal.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff.

I have recalculated the overall score given to each film to allow me to form this leaderboard. So, instead of an overall score, we now have a decimal system which allows the films to be separated a little more evenly.

Here is the current Film Club Leaderboard:

  1. Casino Royale (2006): 9.3/10 General consensus: James Bond’s 21st outing manages to reboot the franchise for a modern audience, while also keeping the things older fans are familiar with. Casino Royale is a spectacular film full of action and intrigue, and manages that rare thing of being a blockbuster with brains as well as brawn.
  2. Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope: 8.8/10 General consensus: Star Wars is a film that still stands up strongly even today, 37 years after its initial release. Despite some clunky dialogue and some stiff acting, the essence of the film and the fantastic characters carry the film and still entertain fans of all ages. Along with an iconic score by John Williams that takes this space opera to another level, the film’s influence is still being felt today.
  3. The Departed: 8.6/10 General consensus: The Departed is a modern crime classic that forgoes the glitz and glamour of Scorsese’s earlier gangster offerings, for a more real and unrelenting look at the life of those who make a living from crime and those who attempt to stop it. However, The Departed is not necessarily a film for everyone, and the level of violence and bad language along with a running time of nearly two and a half hours can be off-putting for some
  4. Oldboy (2013): 4.8/10 General consensus: If ever you want to spark a debate among film fans then ask them their thoughts on a remake of a beloved classic. Oldboy 2013 seems to split people between those who have seen the original, and dislike the remake, and those who have viewed the remake without any prior knowledge of the 2003 original and can get a little more enjoyment out of it.

Looking back at these reviews, Star Wars could well have scored higher, but as it was the first film reviewed, it perhaps suffered from having less reviewers than the films that have followed it. When Film Club started there were five of us, but since then there has usually been seven of us reviewing each film to take an aggregated score from. It remains entirely possible that Star Wars could have scored higher, but as it stands Casino Royale is our current leader.

Can November’s film do any better than Casino Royale, or could it do even worse than the Oldboy remake? Check back on November 9th to see what we review next.


7 thoughts on “Film Club Leaderboard: October Edition

  1. Haha not surprised to see Oldboy at the bottom 😛
    Looking forward to the next Film Club, gutted I didn’t have time to join in this months’….I wouldn’t usually pass up an opportunity to see Daniel Craig practically naked 😉

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