Poll: Who Should Direct Star Trek 3?


News came recently that Roberto Orci had been relieved of his directorial duties on Star Trek 3. Reasons for his departure are currently unknown, but it is believed by some that Paramount Studios are unhappy with his ideas for the film. Since original director JJ Abrams left to direct a little known indie film called Star Wars, Star Trek 3 has been left in limbo somewhat. Recent speculation suggests that the studio are seeking Edgar Wright to direct the film, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

With Star Trek 3 due for release in 2016, to coincide with the franchise’s 50th anniversary, Paramount will be looking to hire someone quickly. With that in mind, here’s my handy little guide of six candidates for the directors chair.

Rian Johnson


CV: Brick, Breaking Bad, Looper

Availability: Highly unlikely.

Due to Johnson’s commitment to the Star Wars franchise, he is not likely to be able to go from one intergalactic franchise to the other. In fact, his IMDb page states he is in line to direct both Episodes VIII and IX of the Star Wars franchise. Both films would take him through to 2019 at the earliest, and his involvement in Star Trek would be incredibly hard to manage as well. If he did come aboard however, he would no doubt bring the qualities that made Looper such an enjoyable film with him, and would be a little outside the box thinking on Paramounts behalf.


Joss Whedon


CV: Avengers: Assemble, Serenity, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Availability: Unlikely.

Even though Whedon will be more or less done with Marvel post Avengers: Age of Ultron, he is still in post-production on earth’s mightiest heroes next outing. With that in mind, and the huge promotional tour that will be involved with the film, it is unlikely Whedon would jump ship to another blockbuster franchise that will want him to work quickly in order the film to be released in 2016. On the other hand, Star Trek 3 is a perfect fit for Whedon. It’s science fiction, a pop culture phenomenon and contains a cast of characters who bicker constantly but always band together in the face of a greater threat. In fact, Whedon would be perfect for Star Trek 3.


Jon Favreau


CV: Iron Man, Cowboys & Aliens, Elf

Availability: Unlikely.

Jon Favreau is possibly the most in demand person on this list. Not only is he involved in several TV projects, albeit as an executive producer, but he is also involved in a live action remake of The Jungle Book at Disney, meaning that Paramount may have to pay a large sum to get him on their books and away from the Disney/Marvel combo. If however, he could be persuaded away, and could rekindle the magic that made Iron Man such a hit, then Favreau would be an excellent fit here.


Neill Blomkamp


CV: District 9, Elysium

Availability: Possible.

Director of the excellent District 9 and the so-so Elysium, Neill Blomkamp no doubt has an eye for science-fiction. He is currently in post-production on Chappie, which will be released in 2015, but after that his schedule is seemingly free. Blomkamp has the ability to craft a good story, and compliment that with stunning visuals and good action, but would his serious tone fit the, so far, fun vibe of Star Trek? Or is he exactly what the franchise needs?


Matthew Vaughn


CV: Kick-Ass, Stardust, X-Men: First Class

Availability: Possible.

Matthew Vaughn is another director who is, again, in post-production on a film slated for release in 2015, this time with Kingsman: Secret Service, after that though he seems to have a clear run, other than his producer duties on the Fantastic Four reboot. Vaughn, of course, revitalised the X-Men franchise with First Class and his varied career has already seen him work with some of Hollywood’s biggest names and even bigger budgets. The only drawback here would be whether he wants to commit to another studio blockbuster and work on a tight timescale, as these were the same reasons he dropped out of directing X-Men: The Last Stand.


Doug Liman


CV: The Bourne Identity, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Edge of Tomorrow

Availability: Highly likely.

Liman was the man behind this years Tom Cruise sci-fi actioner Edge of Tomorrow, and he also has previous experience in science fiction with the flawed but interesting Jumper. He also set the Bourne franchise up with a solid first entry. While he has his hands in several TV projects at the moment, his only film related duties are post-production on the documentary Reckoning with Torture. He has a varied CV, and would certainly make for an interesting change in direction from the previously directed JJ Abrams films.


So, who do you think should direct Star Trek 3? Use the form below to cast your vote, and use the comments section of you feel the job should go to someone not on the list.





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