The 3 Most Forgettable Films Of 2014

Films come and go throughout the year. Some are great successes and others are major failures, but others are just plain boring, and that is a crime worse than being just bad. It’s a depressing waste of time when you go to the cinema to sit down and enjoy a film, only to walk away struggling to remember a single memorable scene.

2014 may not have been golden year for film, and there were some real duds released at the cinema, but this list focuses on the three worst offenders. With that in mind, here are the three most forgettable films of the year.


300: Rise of an Empire, Noam Murro

I really am struggling to remember anything that happened in this film. There were lots of six packs, some gratuitous blood-letting, an impromptu sex scene and possibly the worst dialogue I have heard all year. I also remember getting one massive headache after watching this poor mans follow-up to the original 300. Woeful.

Transformers: Age of Extinction, Michael Bay

What happened here? I think Optimus Prime got stuck in an old cinema then blasted off into space, right, or am I just remembering the beginning and the end of an otherwise bland affair? Although, I vaguely remember Titus Welliver being a badass, while Mark Wahlberg pretending to be an inventor of some sort. Did I miss anything out?

Horrible Bosses 2, Sean Anders

When the most memorable thing about a film is the gag reel in the credits, then you know that the creators have done something wrong. Horrible Bosses 2 could also have found a place on a list of the years most offensive films, but that’s another matter. I completely understand why the film was successful, but it pains me a little thinking a film so poor has performed so well.


7 thoughts on “The 3 Most Forgettable Films Of 2014

  1. I agree with Transformers 4 for sure, that film, why did it even need to existence, but I think the last one was even more forgettable. I would have said A Million Ways To Die in the West, that film is one I keep forgetting I saw this year, but to add to that, it was one of the worst films I had seen! 😀

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