Possessed by Evil, DVD Review


Director: Kevin Fair
Starring: Rebecca Romijn, David Cubiit & Isabella Crovetti-Cramp
Synopsis: A couple are desperate to aopt a child but, when their dream comes true, strange events begin to happen.
Rating: 15 Run time: 91 minutes Release date: 21 September

The title of this film, Possessed by Evil, is a little misleading. It implies that this made for TV horror is a film about just that, possession. When in fact the theme of possession will play a less dominant role than you would expect and this comes across more as a daytime light horror that has less scares than an episode of Goosebumps.

While it may be unkind to say that the film, it’s box art and marketing team are lying to you, it would be remiss not to comment on how misleading the films title is. If you were to see this in your local HMV you may be fooled into thinking this is one of those horrors where an unlucky couple adopt a child only for them to be possessed by some evil spirit that wants to do untold harm to this newly created family.

That is the basic storyline of Possessed by Evil, and it is one that is presented in a non too subtle fashion. We are immediately thrust into the daytime drama lives of Ben & Joanna Maxwell (David Cubitt & Rebecca Romijn) and Ben’s son Dylan (Jared Abrahamson). Joanna is desperate for a child of her own, a factor which pushes Dylan from the family circle as he begrudges his Dad’s new wife and her wanting a new addition to the family.


Seeking an adoption, the Maxwell’s are denied because of Joanna’s depression, which we are told in no uncertain terms is being treated and then duly forgotten about for the rest of the film. Rejected by the adoption centre, Ben & Joanna leave with the thought of whether they will be able to care for a child of their own. That is until a woman from the adoption centre claims they can foster a child, off the books of course, but does she have her own reasons for wanting to throw six year old Piper the way of the Maxwell’s?

The story is as routine as they come, but even that is not the most uninspiring aspect of the film. The acting is sub-par, even for a made for TV film and the dialogue is decidedly awkward throughout. The special effects are few and far between, and while the budget was no doubt low, it is glaringly obvious at times just how little they had to play with.

Possessed by Evil is perhaps forgiveable when flicking through the channels looking for a trashy film to see the night out. But for anyone wanting a little more substance, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

Film: 2/5
Extras: N/A


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