The ABCs Of Death


Horror anthology The ABCs of Death is a unique experiment where 26 horror directors each take a letter of the alphabet and direct a segment around the same theme; death. The result is undoubtedly mixed and the various directors range from known to complete unknown.

It’s perhaps obvious to state, but The ABCs of Death is a film that feels more interesting for the directors than for the audience. It must have been a unique proposal for them to test their talents in forming a five minute piece regarding death while being assigned a random letter of the alphabet.

The first three segments; A-C, represent a strong start with A is for Apocalypse and B is for Bigfoot being two of the better offerings here. D is for Dogfight is an intriguing piece but stupidity soon comes into play with the likes of F is for Fart and G is for Gravity .

There is a high level of the bizarre here, summed up perfectly with W is for WTF. What seems interesting as a concept is rather less so when carried out practically. Due to the nature of the film and having 26 directors on board, it has no rhythm and neither does it have any substance.



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