600 Miles


Director: Gabriel Ripstein
Starring: Tim Roth, Kristyan Ferrer & Harrison Thomas
Synopsis: Arnulfo Rubio smuggles weapons for a deadly Mexican cartel. ATF agent Hank Harris attempts to apprehend him, but gets kidnapped by Rubio instead. Rubio takes him to his bosses, but during the 600-miles-long drive, they slowly befriend.
Rating: 15 Duration: 85 minutes Release date: 30 May (UK)

It’s hard to pin down 600 Miles and exactly what it is trying to achieve in this documentary style thriller. The story of a young gun runner and the government agent tracking his every move is dark and moody and light on thrills, resulting in a film far less interesting than its subject matter.

Hank Harris (Tim Roth) is the ATF agent on the trail of Arnulfo Rubio (Kristyan Ferrer), a young man smuggling guns into Mexico attempting to make his mark in a local cartel. 600 Miles is high on realism but never ignites the audience into really caring about the events or characters on show.

Both the lead actors are fine here, but the pacing of the film and its overall clumsiness result in a film that stumbles along and makes its 85 minute duration seem twice as long. First time director Gabriel Ripstein shows a knack for the brutal reality of the illegal gun trade, and showcases a talent that will surely rise in the future.

It’s unfortunate that despite showing some real talent, 600 Miles never truly engages the audience. It’s far too slow and monotonous to be absorbing and despite having some good points, they are far outweighed by a story that plods along with seemingly nowhere to go.

Film: 2/5
: N/A


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