Director: Antoine Bardou-Jacquet
Starring: Ron Perlman, Rupert Grint & Robert Sheehan
Synopsis: An unstable CIA agent must team up with a seedy rock band manager to develop the biggest con of all time – staging the moon landing.
Rating: 15 Duration: 107 minutes Release date: 30 May (UK)

When a films opening credits look like Yellow Submarine crossed with Monty Python you know there is a certain level of madness at play here. In fact, Moonwalkers is so far gone that it’s hard to make sense of exactly what is happening here.

Ron Perlman is the CIA agent whose job it is to locate Stanley Kubrick and convince him to stage a fake moon landing for the US government. Unfortunately, Rupert Grint’s rather seedy rock band manager gets in the way when he sees an opportunity to pay off his considerable debts.

The two create an unlikely partnership but they do manage to click. Perlman is as solid as always with his grumpy charm, while Grint is better than expected in an oddball kind of way. The rest of the cast are more there to make up the numbers, with each trying to make their mark with little to do.

Director Antoine Bardou-Jacquet plays around with a fun idea; that Stanley Kubrick filmed the Apollo 11 moon landing, but fails to execute it in a truly exciting manner. Despite some fun moments and an all round sound performance from Ron Perlman, Moonwalkers doesn’t do enough to work as a whole and will leave you wondering just what the hell has gone on.

Film: 2/5
Extras: N/A


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