New Transformers: The Last Knight Trailer Explodes Everywhere

A new trailer has arrived for Transformers: The Last Knight and looks like everything we have come to expect in the live action adaptation of Michael Bay’s wet dreams.

Somewhere, buried deep, there is a storyline to this film. Looking at the trailer it seems as if Optimus Prime has turned evil and is now into being chained up. Also there is Anthony Hopkins collecting a payday, Mark Wahlberg shouting while looking concerned, lots of explosions and a Megan Fox lookalike who wears glasses so that automatically makes her smart, right?

This is probably the least excited I have ever been for a Transformers film, which is sad because I love the original 80’s cartoon and the various comic books that have been released over the years. But the live action films feel flat and tiresome and are a long way away from the enjoyable & heartfelt first film.

Of course, I will reserve judgement until I have seen the film properly, but for now I feel a little disheartened by this blatant cash-cow of a film series.

Transformers: The Last Knight is in cinemas 23 June.


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